Epicureanism and Stoicism:Western Heritage Lecture 14

Four great philosophies emerged from the Hellenistic world: hedonism, cynicism, Epicureanism, and Stoicism.  The last two, especially, have shaped the entire course of western civilization.

Aristotle and Alexander: Western Heritage Lecture 13

If you’re looking for Lecture 12, my sincere apologies–I had a messup with the recorder.  So, sadly, it only recorded about 3 seconds of the lecture.  I’d post it, but it’s kind of a boring 3 seconds.  Here’s… Read More

Plato’s God

A short, 30 minute lecture/discussion as I gave the first quiz of the semester.  The course lecture involved Plato’s understanding of the divine.  Enjoy.

1/2 a Century of Progressive Rock/Pop

Progressive (rock/pop) music is fifty years old this year. Rock as art, not noise and not emotion.   It all began with this extraordinary album, written and produced a half a century ago.  God bless, Brian Wilson.  … Read More

Rumours of Autumn (Photos)

The Counsel of Despair? Albert J. Nock on Self-Government — The Imaginative Conservative

In Zen Buddhism, the lineage of student to master is extremely important—it is the channel through which the Dharma is transmitted. There is a story of a Zen Master traveling at night over a bridge known to be… Read More

Socratic Ethics and Platonic Democracy

Lecture 10 of Western Heritage: Socrates on Ethics and Plato on Democracy.