The Truth about Ronald Reagan

Nearly three decades after the Reagan administration ended, several views of the fortieth president—all conflicting—have taken hold in the American popular mind. The post The Truth about Ronald Reagan appeared first on The Imaginative Conservative.

Colin Hardie’s Obit of C.S. Lewis

The last sentence of your obituary may give the impression that C.S. Lewis was too busy writing to have much time for social relations, and that he had little gift for them.  To many this will seem much… Read More

Albert Jay Nock, 20th-Century DemiGod

There are a number of writers who both inspire and humble me.  Albert Jay Nock, perhaps the most individual of individualists, almost always floors me when I read him.  He enlivens my soul and my mind, but he… Read More

My Favorite Anti-Federalist Papers

Federal Farmer 1   Federal Farmer 2   Federal Farmer 16   Old Whig 1   Old Whig 3   Brutus 1   Brutus 8      

Why Robert Nisbet Matters

I had a blast writing this article about one of my favorite thinkers, Robert Nisbet, for The American Conservative.   Thank you so much, Daniel McCarthy!

Lehner’s Catholic Enlightenment

This morning at The Imaginative Conservative, my review of an extraordinary new book by Ulrich Lehner. The sum of Dr. Lehner’s argument is this: contrary to popular and secular mythologies, the Church possessed a number of critical personalities… Read More

The Cover for BENEATH WANDERING STARS is here!!!

For a new author, seeing your book cover for the first time is kind of a big deal, especially since most authors have little to no say in the cover’s design. That means if we end up hating… Read More