Study Guide: American Heritage Midterm 2

American Heritage Midterm 2 Study Guide; March 29, 2016 Birzer   Section I: Short Answers (10 total) Section II: You’ll answer four and only four of six definitions.  The six will come from the following list: Abraham Lincoln… Read More


Oh, nice Easter surprise. A Tucson paper reviews RUSSELL KIRK: AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE.

Golgotha: The Meaning of the Journey

My children, when you were little, we used sometimes to go for walks in our pine woods.  In the open fields, you would run along by yourselves.  But you used instinctively to give me your hands as we… Read More

Cruz in a Reagan-esque Moment

“Pine Trees and Cold Water” by Elizabeth Hamilton

An excellent essay and reflection by my former student and (current!) friend, Lizzie Hamilton.  Enjoy! Pine trees and cold water March 22, 2016 “And you’re by yourself?” I look at the park ranger. “Yes,” I say. “I’m by… Read More

The Genius of Mike Church

Yesterday, I had the great honor of speaking with one of the single best radio personalities in the United States and, frankly, the world: Mike Church.  We talked for over 75 minutes, though, the actual edit comes down… Read More

Real Conservatives Don’t Have Time for Bigotry

“He believed literally that all men were created equal and that he man’s own ambition determined what happened to him after that.  He put his principles into practice. . . . in the dark depression years when he… Read More