Dawson on Various Totalitarianisms, 1941

  In 1941, Dawson appraised the various fundamentalisms and totalitarianisms–from fascist to Puritan–of his day. cd on totalitarianism 1941

Theodor Haecker, “The Unity of History,” 1946

  One of the greatest opponents of German National Socialism, Theodor Haecker.  He died tragically in the bombing of Munich in the spring of 1945.  This article, published posthumously, offers a brilliant insight into the mind of this… Read More

Commonweal on Babbitt and More, 1929

  A specifically Catholic examination of the New Humanism of Irving Babbitt and Paul Elmer More, 1929.  Enjoy. commonweal on new humanism 1929

Christopher Dawson on the Future of Catholicism, 1942

  Fascinating look at the future of Catholicism as seen during World War II. cd on the future of catholicism

Frank Sheed Interviews Christopher Dawson, 1958

  Two of the most important men of the twentieth-century Catholic literary revival: Frank Sheed and Christopher Dawson. sheed interview dawson 1958

Dawson, “Ploughing a Lone Furrow,” 1960

A really nice autobiographical piece Dawson wrote.  An examination of his life as a non-academic scholar. cd ploughing 1960

World Student Interviews Christopher Dawson, 1959

From a periodical I’d never heard of before my academic work on Christopher Dawson.  Good interview, however. interview with Christopher Dawson 1959