Who Were the Inklings: A Primer

While anyone who knows anything about C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, or Owen Barfield knows of the existence of the Inklings, The post Who Were the Inklings: A Primer appeared first on The Imaginative Conservative.

Finding Ourselves in Flannery’s Freaks

O.E. Parker is constantly looking in the mirror. Vanity of vanities. Parker is one of Flannery O’Connor’s crazy misfits. A tough dropout The post Finding Ourselves in Flannery’s Freaks appeared first on The Imaginative Conservative.

Happy Batman Day! Birzer’s Take

When it comes to admiring my heroes, I’m not shy.  I’ve loved Batman (the serious Batman, not the goofy 1960s one) since around 1970 or so, back when my maternal grandparents bought me a Batman coloring book.  Batman… Read More

St. Cecilia, Patroness of Prog, is Clearly Working Overtime

On this Prog Rock, I will build my Church.  Or something like this. The Pope–yes, THAT pope–is releasing a prog album.

Goodbye University Bookman Archives–thank you for everything!

By request of the Kirk Center, I will be removing the University Bookman issues (all .pdf) in the next week or so from this website. Thanks for enjoying them!

University Bookman Winter 1970 (full issue)

Nice piece on John Dos Passos and another by Edward Ericsson. university bookman winter 1970

University Bookman Summer 1969 (full issue)

Only one article for the whole issue.  An article called “The Rational Right Wing” by Charles E. Schutz. UB Summer 1969