Aldous Huxley, “Writers and Readers,” 1936

This is one of the finest essays I’ve read on the nature of propaganda.  Huxley compares ideological posturing, religious enthusiasm, and imagination.  Excellent. a huxley writers and readers

Pre-order Available: NEIL PEART: (RE)PERCUSSIONS

Originally posted on Progarchy:
I’m really happy to announce that my biography of Neil Peart, NEIL PEART: CULTURAL (RE)PERCUSSIONS, is now available for pre-order. Released silmultaneously as a paperback (WordFire Press, $14.99) and an ebook (WordFire/Baen, $5.99) on…

Rethinking the Music of the 1980s (non prog)

One of the things that drives me a little wonky—as well as cracks me up—is seeing my students attempt to have a 1980s theme party.  They always wear too much makeup, put on bizarre leg warmers, and tease… Read More

University Bookman Spring 1968 (Full Issue)

ub spring 1968 A good issue–complete with an excellent piece on Edmund Burke by the famous Owen Barfield scholar, G.B. Tennyson.

University Bookman Winter 1968 (Full Issue)

ub winter 1968 Only two articles in this issue.  One on economic textbooks and the other on another on textbooks dealing with political science.

University Bookman Autumn 1967 (Full Issue)

autumn 1967 ub Strong issue with pieces by Ernest van den Haag and Richard Jensen.

University Bookman Summer 1967 (Full Issue-Seminal)

A seminal issue.  In particular, check out Lambert’s article on the Christian Humanism of Paul Elmer More and Reichert’s piece on Christian politics. ub summer 1967