High The Memory Carry On – a personal tribute to Chris Squire

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There is nothing like the passing of a musical hero to put your own life and mortality into some greater perspective. First, it was Freddie Mercury, whose passing on 24 November 1991 was not…

Steve Hogarth on Brilliance and Success

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Promo for Vol II of THE INVISIBLE MAN DIARIES. “I’m reminded once again that it’s not enough to be brilliant.  You need that lucky break that crosses you over to the mainstream punters.  And…

Christian Dawson, Christian Freedom, 1946

cd christian freedom 2 1946 copy

Christopher Dawson, “Catholicism and the Bourgeois Mind,” 1935

cd catholicism and bourgeois mind copy With apologies for all of my marginalia!  As it turns out, this piece has caused quite a bit of controversy recently among Catholic scholars.

Christopher Dawson, Introduction to 1943 Book on Education

cd 1943 education copy

St. Augustine on the Psalms

augustine psalms copy From AN AUGUSTINE SYNTHESIS (Sheed and Ward, 1936).

Textured wood. Pure Colorado.