Rounding ‘80: The Reinvention of Three Bands

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As the 1970s turned into the 1980s, hard rock and progressive bands were taking serious stock, re-inventing sounds that had sustained them and, for fans, defined an era.  The list of bands who turned…

Glass Hammer and Progarchy: A Mutual Admiration Society

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Thank you, Glass Hammer.  So very honored!!!

Celtic Convictions: The Lovely Metal of Leah McHenry

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Leah, KINGS AND QUEENS (Innerwound Recordings, 2015). Track listing: Arcadia; Save the World; Angel Fell; Enter the Highlands; In the Palm of Your Hand; Alpha et Omega; Heart of Poison; Hourglass; Palace of Dreams;…

Selections from Romano Guardini’s LETTERS FROM LAKE COMO

“In truth, nature beings to relate to us only when we begin to indwell in it, when culture begins in it.  Culture then develops and, bit by bit, nature is refashioned.  We create our own world, shaped by… Read More

Selections from Albert Jay Nock’s THEORY OF EDUCATION

“I trust, however, that you will allow me to regard it also as the impersonal welcome offered by citizens of the great republic of letters to another citizens whose only credentials and recommendations are those with which his… Read More

Russell Kirk and a Return to Principle, 1956

“Ever since the Civil War, political thought has languished in the United States. For original political theory almost always is developed out of a time of troubles, when thinking men, forced to examine their first principles, seek means… Read More

Russell Kirk in the Ruins of Carthage, 1963

Nowhere are Roman ruins thicker than in Tunisia. For this, from the days when Scipio took Punic Carthage until the Vandals broke into the city, was the Province of Africa, wondrously rich and populous. St. Augustine was born… Read More