Happy New Year: A Feast of Christopher Dawson Material

cd new decline and fall Dawson, “New Decline and Fall,” COMMONWEAL 15 (1932), 370-372. cd sign of bolshevism Dawson, “The Significance of Bolshevism,” ENGLISH REVIEW (September 1932): 239-250. cd review of mein kampf Dawson, review of MEIN KAMPF,… Read More

Dawson, Christianity and Sex (full book)

In the late 1920s, T.S. Eliot asked Christopher Dawson to write a small book on the meaning of family in the western and Christian tradition.  The two would come to collaborate frequently, but this was the first thing… Read More

Paul Elmer More, PAGES FROM AN OXFORD DIARY (full book)

Certainly one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read.  More finished it only days before his own death. pem pages from an oxford diary

Nicholas Berdyaev, “Christianity and Anti-Semitism,” 1948

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn regarded Berdyaev as possibly the greatest anti-communist thinker to come out of Revolutionary Russia. Here, translated, is a piece he wrote on anti-Semitism.  Fascinating. berdayeav 1949 christianity and anti semitism

Gabriel Marcel, “The Concept of Spiritual Heritage,” 1953

Not well known in the U.S., Marcel was one of the foremost Christian Humanists of 20th-century Europe.  This article, in particular, influenced Russell Kirk.  So much so that Kirk hoped to co-author a book with Marcel. Source: Gabriel… Read More

An Open Letter to Etienne Gilson, 1950

Source: Waldemar Gurian, “Europe and the United Sates: An Open Letter to Etienne Gilson,” COMMONWEAL 53 (December 15, 1950), 250-251. open letter to gilson 1950

Peter Wust, “The Necessity of Metaphysics,” 1934

Source: Peter Wust, “The Necessity of Metaphysics,” COLOSSEUM 1 (June 1934): 14-18. wust 1934 metaphysics