Big Big Train Go Live

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You may have heard the news already. . . in fact, I’m guessing almost no one in the prog world has NOT heard the news. . . . but tickets for Big Big Train…

Rock is NOT Dead

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I must admit, I’m so utterly frustrated by all of the “Rock is dead” doomsayers over the past week that I’d like to wretch (or, retch–you know, either way).  Really big time. Here’s the…

New Book on Rush From Durrell Bowman

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From the co-editor of Rush and Philosophy is another Rush book, Experiencing Rush: A Listener’s Companion. It’s slated for release in mid-November and will retail for $38.12. From the Amazon blurb: In Experiencing…

Geometry and GeoGebra, Chapter 2

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Continuing my incorporation of GeoGebra into my Geometry curriculum (read about my introduction of GeoGebra here), we will start slow and simple. We are learning the basics of proof, and GeoGebra is…

Recommended Reading: September 6-12

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If you only read one article this week, read America Under Cultural Dhimmitude by Rod Dreher There are lots of other article worth your read as well, broadly categorized below. Hopefully you find…

Terminal Degree – The Middle Of Nowhen

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“What if…?” is a question that is asked often in progressive rock and metal, sometimes to original and interesting results.  Terminal Degree asked “What if we made a metal album using violins instead of…

Some Dystopian Reading–In the News

Some really interesting articles have appeared over the past few weeks dealing with dystopian literature. Wired has a bit of a spirited debate: Against: In favor: While, the London Guardian is worried: What I strongly disagree with is the… Read More