Going the extra mile for Aisles

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One of the most challenging parts about being a prog reviewer is trying to ascertain how many times you need to listen to a particular album before you feel confident enough to deliver a…

Embrace Humanity, not Ideology

One of the great contributions of the Christian Humanists of the twentieth century–in particular, Christopher Dawson, C.S. Lewis, and Russell Kirk–is the realization that no left-right divide exists beyond the contrivance of those who seek power.  They employ… Read More

Rush MOVING PICTURES–reviewed in Notre Dame Student Paper 1981

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My family and I are in the process of moving to Boulder, Colorado, for the upcoming school year.  One of the terrible parts of any move is the packing.  But, there’s a plus side–things…

Progarchy is Moving! New Address.

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For the next year, yours truly (ed.-Brad) will be living in Longmont, Colorado, and teaching at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  It is my goal to make CU an all-prog rock campus.  By the…

ELP, William Blake, and Jerusalem – The Divine Conection

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Back in the year 1973, Kieth Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer made an interesting decision regarding their album, Brain Salad Surgery. They decided to record their own version of the hymn, “Jerusalem,” and…

Review: Jason Rubenstein NEW METAL FROM OLD BOXES

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Review: Jason Rubenstein, NEW METAL FROM OLD BOXES (Tone Cluster, 2014). So.  You’ve been a progger since the 1970s, you’re musically trained, and and you’ve enjoyed a solid if now former career as a software…

Breathing, and Meaning It

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[This is a re-posting of a comment in response to this blog Post by Tom Morris, for whom I was once a teaching assistant, and from whom I learned some important things about teaching.] Somewhere…