An Edwardian Trip through Hades: CAPACITOR by COSMOGRAF

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Stunning album cover. A progged-out version of Dolby’s GOLDEN AGE OF WIRELESS. Brilliant. Cosmograf’s CAPACITOR is everything a rock album should be.  And, I do mean EVERYTHING.  EVERY.  SINGLE. THING.  It is wholesome, fractured,…

Merely Instrumental? (3) – Ollocs, Life Thread

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One of the ways in which Immanuel Kant formulated his Categorical Imperative is this:  Always treat other people as ends, never only as means.  In other words, never treat others as “merely instrumental.”  For…

University Bookman (full), Winter 1967

And, lo and behold, a second issue scanned in one evening.  Winter 1967.  Vol. 7, No. 2. Includes an excellent article by George Scott-Moncrieff on education in the U.K. ub Winter 1967 full

University Bookman (full), Winter 1974

I’m sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve uploaded any issues of the University Bookman.  Here is the Winter 1974 edition.  Vol. 14, No. 2. As always, a huge thank you to Annette Kirk for encouraging me to… Read More

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship – Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” and “Moving Pictures”

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I don’t know how many people can actually point to a single moment that changed their lives forever and for the better.  Yes, many would point to traditional milestones such as a graduation, wedding day, the birth…

The Siren Songs of Se Delan

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 There are music labels, and there are music labels. By which I mean: occasionally a label appears that maintains such a high quality roster of artists, and its production is so consistently excellent, that discerning listeners…

Tangent News

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My great friend and hero, Andy Tillison, just posted this on Facebook: So… Jonas Reingold promises to make the Karmakanic set as simple as possible to play for everyone. Nice Guy. Three weeks ago we received…