American Founding (H301) Midterm Study Guide

Midterm Study Guide, 2014 American Founding   Two of these will appear as options on the midterm examination this coming Friday.  You will answer (your choice) one of the two offered.  Enjoy studying! Using the Cato Letters assigned… Read More

Thomas Jefferson’s Original Declaration of Independence

H301 students, Pauline Maier (RIP) did a stunning job of presenting Jefferson’s original Declaration, complete with Congress’s edits.  I’m having a hard time scanning and posting it.  I’ll have photocopies made for you for Friday.  Thanks for being… Read More

Crises Points, 1763-1774

“Crises Points, Leading to Revolution, 1763-1774” Opening to Crisis, 1763-1765 Parliament passed the Sugar Act of 1764.  Taxed molasses and sugar at half the rate of the Navigation Acts.  Parliament pleased with itself—after all, they saw it as… Read More

Charles Carroll of Carrollton’s Second CX Letter

SOURCE: CX [Charles Carroll of Carrollton], Dunlap’s Maryland Gazette; or, the Baltimore General Advertiser (April 2, 1776). To tamper, therefore, in this affair, or try prospects merely upon the credit of supposed arguments or philosophy can never be… Read More

Charles Carroll of Carrollton’s First CX Letter

SOURCE: Dunlap’s Maryland Gazette, or the Baltimore General Advertiser (Tuesday, March 26, 1776).  Article by Charles Carroll of Carrollton, under the pseudonym “CX.” “An established government has an infinite advantage by that very circumstance of its being established;… Read More

Light, Math, & Color: 2014 Edition

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For several years now I’ve taught a three-week course on making artglass windows. After learning the basic technique, I ask each student to research a math-related topic and illustrate it with an…

Getting Started With Haiku

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A boon for teachers, A space students can access; Knowledge is shared. Well, I’m not a very good poet, but I wanted to write a haiku in honor of the learning management…