Russell Kirk: To What Truths

To what truths, then, ought the Academy to be dedicated?  To the proposition that the end of education is the elevation of reason of the human person, for the human person’s own sake.  To the proposition that the… Read More

Schedule: First Week of Classes

Date: August 25, 2013 Dear Students, With apologies, I will be out of town today (August 25) through Friday (August 30) afternoon. I’m traveling on college business, just in case you thought I might be AWOL. So. …. Read More

University Bookman, Winter 1984 (Full)

The Winter 1984 edition of Russell Kirk’s journal, The University Bookman.  This appears to be a double issue, complete with two poems, a discussion of the Socratic method of teaching, and several interesting book reviews.  Enjoy. ub Winter… Read More

University Bookman, Spring 1966 (full issue)

And, the latest scan of the University Bookman, founded and edited (until his death in 1994) by Russell Kirk. Highlights of this issue: the mixed blessing of the AAUP; the meaning of fiction, and the “Unweaned Colossus.” Enjoy…. Read More

She Dances

Her body rests nearby.  My home, what would have been her home, is the closest one to her resting spot.  The ground in which she is buried is holy ground.  Sanctified, a stone sits; upon it is engraved… Read More

Cather, “On the Art of Fiction,” 1920.

One is sometimes asked about the “obstacles” that confront young writers who are trying to do good work. I should say the greatest obstacles that writers today have to get over, are the dazzling journalistic successes of twenty… Read More

Lecture at UT-Chattanooga, Constitution Day